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Product Details

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Five Advantages Of Products

  • biodegradable small, colorful glitter
  • With various shape
  • wide application
  • manufacturer produce
  • Also can provide confetti

Product Details

Glitter describes an assortment of small, colorful, reflective particles that comes in a variety of shapes. Glitter particles reflect light at different angles, causing the surface to sparkle or shimmer. Glitter is similar to confetti, sparkles, or sequins, but somewhat smaller. Since prehistoric times, glitter has been made and used as decoration most. Nowadays people have developed many more ways to apply it: Glitter Leather, Stationery, Events Decoration, Textile, Crafts, etc .

Usually we vary Glitter by size/color/thickness/shape:

1.The normal size for glitter particles is 1/256-1/8,of course we accept customlized sizes if clients have special request.

2.The default shape for our glitter is Hexa gon shape, of course other regular & irregular shape such as:star/moon/square/circle/strip/roll are all acceptable for us, please let us know your special request before you allocate.

3.Color is accepted for customlized, and we provides for designated color book for you ref too.

4.Thickness devides glitter into powder and chunky. Usually powder used in artificial leather surface injection & crafts decoration etc. Chunky used in artificial leather surface sprinkles &stationery etc.

5.Additional RFQ: Our products are resistable to high temperature, but the default attribute is irresistible to acids & alkalis, pls let us know your special request before you allocate.


Metallic Glitter

Tiny colored metallic pieces perfectly cut to give maximum sparkle, and shine. Our Metallic Glitters are made from aluminum polyester film particles. This glitter material is more popular because of how resistant the materials are to solvents, UV’s, and temperature. Polyester materials are opaque, brilliant in color, and have a very smooth texture.

Holographic Glitter

Made from precision-cut aluminum metalized polyester film particles. Results will give each glitter particle a rainbow reflective sparkle and shine. This glitter material has a more course and heavier texture to each particle.

Iridescent Glitter

Made from precision-cut, color enhanced, iridescent acrylic film particles coated with an outside layer of polyester material. Glitties Acrylic Polyester Glitters are lighter, brighter, and iridescent in color.

We also can provide Plastic and foil tablecover, tableware, foil tableskirt, foil door curtain, cello bag, glitter, foil shred grass, ribbon garlands curling, foil whirls; Paper bag, paper invitation letter, yard sign, pin badge, paper lanterns, tinsel. 


We are the manufacturer more than 20 years experience, our main customers have Wal-mart, Target, Tesco, D&G, Michaels and Unique.


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